THEATER                                                           ROLE                                            PRODUCTION                      

"City Lights"                                                                           Mayor                                                          Milford Assembly Theater

"Antshillvania"                                                                        Mr. Worm                                                    Valley View Theater

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TELEVISION                                                          ROLE                                            PRODUCTION                      

"BANA: Heart of Darkness"                                                     Series Regular                                                     Creative Crosswalk

"Dr. Castillo"                                                                              Series Regular                                                     NCFC

"I (Almost) Got Away With It"                                                  Guest Star                                                           Investigative Discovery

"Buried Tales"                                                                            Guest Star                                                           Burnmill

"Couples"                                                                               Series Regular                                                Trinity Film Group

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING                                                                                                                             

David Kagen's School of Film Acting (Meisner), Los Angeles, CA                                                            

Second City, Chicago, IL       

     Rachael Mason & Susan Messing                                    Long Form Improv                                      

     Rachael Mason                                                                 Dramatic Improv with Stage Combat          

​Future Life Now

           Cynthia M. Allen                                                          Awareness Through Movement                 


SCUBA Diving (PADI Rescue Certified)

Snow Skiing (Advanced)

Horseback Riding (Intermediate)

Guitar (Novice)

Firearms: Handgun (Semi-Automatic and Revolver), Rifle and Shotgun


Darrell P. Miller was born in Roswell, New Mexico to John P. Miller who is a career Air Force retiree from the coal mining area of Harlan County Kentucky and Lynda Mosier (nee Conant) from Corsicana Texas whose father was a decorated career Army veteran. He began acting at the age of 9, first portraying Abraham Lincoln, in elementary school while living in Hawaii. He later was elected as both the President and Vice-President of his high school senior and junior year drama club while living in Germany.

He later appeared in a theater production of the Grammy award winning musical "Ants'hillvania" as "Mr. Worm". He was cast on the spot due to his unique and original audition of the character.

His break into film came in Last Kind Words (2012) when producer Duane Andersen said he "hit the audition out of the park and they had to have him in the film". He has been working ever since. Over the last 2 years alone he has been cast in 11 productions in both film and television.

Highlights of Mr. Miller's film credits include the The Ides of March (2011) directed by George Clooney, Unbanded (2012) written and directed by Ally Seibert (Chicago Fire (2012)). He can be seen in the leading role of "Sheriff Tom Ramey" in Western World (2017) directed by Lana Read and as "President Johtaja" in the science fiction drama Before the Dark (2017) directed by the award winning Benny Oliveri. He has a recurring role in the television drama Dr. Castillo (2016) directed by award winning Ryan Quinn Adams.

Mr. Miller has trained at Second City (Chicago) with the illustrious Rachael Mason (Head of Advanced Improv) & "Improv Goddess" Susan Messing; in Los Angeles with David Kagen and Emily Nelson of (Code Black (2015)).

Mr. Miller is a well rounded actor who enjoys traveling and brings his world experiences to his characters. He has scuba dived the Red Sea in Egypt, skied the Andes of Chile, trekked in Japan, and visited indigenous people in Indonesia. His wife, Maryann, is of Croatian descent where he visits frequently with his family. When not traveling the world, he can be found enjoying the outdoors with his wife and children in Lake Tahoe, California.


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Darr​ell P. Miller

FILM                                                                    ROLE                                            PRODUCTION/DIRECTOR             

"Western World"                                                                    Lead                                                            Garnet Films/Lana Read

"Death Perception"                                                                Lead                                                            RAAD House/Ryan Adams

"Blur"                                                                                      Lead                                                            Garnet Films/Lana Read

"Unbanded"                                                                            Lead                                                            Fatale Films/Ally Seibert

"The Early Patrons"                                                                   Lead                                                                Burnmill Productions/William Miller

"Milkweed"                                                                              Lead                                                           Michael Guarente

"Trapped"                                                                               Lead                                                            Joe Hoerst

"Coffee Shop Blues"                                                               Lead                                                           Molly McGranahan

"Before the Dark"                                                                   Supporting                                                  Woodlake Pictures/Benny Oliveri

"Shadows on the Wind"                                                         Supporting                                                  RAAD House/Samantha Laurenti

"A Watched Pot"                                                                     Supporting                                                 Davis Productions/Forrest Davis

"American Dreaming"                                                             Supporting                                                 Drew Tanner  

"Kindred"                                                                                Supporting                                                  Katelyn Summers

"The Seat With The Clearest View"                                       Supporting                                                  SCAD/Nick Bow

"Persons of Interest"                                                              Supporting                                                  Infinitude/Sean Reliford

"Loving Virginia"                                                                     Supporting                                                  Andrew Faul

"Mirage"                                                                                  Supporting                                                  Second Sight/Jakob Fudge

"One Missed Call"                                                                      Supporting                                                     Jake Lutz

"Rewind"                                                                                 Supporting                                                  Lance Meaux

"The ORB"                                                                              Supporting                                                  Brendan Moellman

"Ember"                                                                                  Supporting                                                  Maggie Price

"Last Kind Words"                                                                   Principal                                                     Brainwave/Kevin Barker

(513) 646-8432

Critical Praise for "Last Kind Words"    Available on iTunes & Amazon Now!

                         "The pre-title sequence is as good as it gets---suspenseful, symbolic, and shocking..." 
                                                                                                                                                    -Atlanta Film Festival 2012